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Before doing business with you, people first look you up on Google. And if they see anything negative โ€” true or not โ€” they’ll go elsewhere.

Reviews are simply too important to ignore, especially when most review sites let anyone post โ€” even cranks and competitors.

If you don’t know what people are saying about you, find out by calling us for your Local Reputation Report.

Does Your Business Have Any Bad Reviews? How Are You Going to Manage It?

Your online reputation is your most important asset. Consider the following stats:

67% of consumers read online reviews of local consumers.
70% of consumers trust a business with a minimum 6 – 10 reviews.
72% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

If consumers are putting that much trust in reviews, you can’t afford to have even 1 bad review.

So, what can be done if you get a bad review? Obviously reviews can’t be removed so how do you handle it? This is where our reputation marketing strategy can help you.

(Source: Fox News, DemandForce & Miles Anderson founder of

Think Beyond Reputation Management to Reputation Marketing.

Universalbite helps you build your online reputation by:

  • Developing a 5 Star Reputation for your business
  • Marketing that Reputation
  • Managing that Reputation
  • And helping you create a reputation marketing culture in your business.

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