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5 Reasons to Embrace Social Media

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Thinking about adding social media to your marketing mix? Well, here are five good reasons why you should.

1. Important SEO tool.

Links from so social media are playing an increasingly important role in your site’s search position. Since 80% of consumer purchases start with search, this reason alone is a good argument for embracing social media.

2. Your customers expect you to be Social.

60% of Americans spend time on a social network at least once a week. YouTube reaches 36% of all business decision makers, more than 93% of business buyers believe all companies should have a social media presence.

3. Provides important Marketing Data & Consumer Feedback.

You don’t need surveys to find out what your prospects are thinking. The buyers in your market are telling you this now in social media. But you have to listen.

4. Social media is the new PR.

Journalists increasingly rely on social media to research story ideas, sources and trends. A PR program that relies on phone, online wire services, and mail is no longer effective.

5. Social media produces very High Conversion on Leads.

Leads from social focus on quality not quantity. Prospects that engage with you on social networks are more likely to look favorably on your company and brand, and its offerings.

Don’t be left out. If you need help developing a strategy or getting started, let us know.

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