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Why Add Social Media?

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We don’t want to convince you that you need social media in your marketing mix. Instead we’ll leave that to the stats.

Read on to see for yourself what they are saying…

According to the online competitive intelligence service, social media growth continues to skyrocket.

  • The top three social networks—Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn—collectively received more than 2.5 billion visits in the month of September 2009 alone. Twitter grew by more than 600% in 2009, while Facebook grew by 210% and LinkedIn by 85%.
  • As of this writing, Google and Yahoo are the only websites that receive more daily traffic than Facebook. Current trends suggest that may not last much longer.
  • If Facebook were a country, it would be the world’s third largest.
  • The most recent count of blogs being indexed by Technorati currently stands at 133 million. The same report also revealed that, on average, 900,000 blog posts are created within a single 24-hour period.
  • It’s been reported that YouTube is likely to serve more than 75 billion video streams to around 375 million unique visitors in 2009.
  • The online photo sharing site Flickr now hosts more than 3.6 billion user images.
  • The online bookmarking service Delicious has more than 5 million users and more than 150 million unique bookmarked URLs.

And if you need more stats, check out Mashable’s The Web in Numbers: The Rise of Social Media and Socialnomic’s Statistics Show Social Media Is Bigger Than You Think.

What these statistics demonstrate is the importance and growing popularity of social media.

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