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Why Hire a Social Media Manager?

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Not long ago, social media seemed new and different. It was to be treated differently and independently from your marketing strategy by “experts” only. And while some people still hold this view, social media is no longer marketing’s new thing. It is simply a part of today’s marketing.

Traditional marketing tactics such as advertising, direct marketing and public relations are still important and a strong part of any strategic marketing plan. Online marketing, including social media, needs to be included in your marketing mix to help you achieve your marketing objectives.

So instead of asking whether you should use Facebook or Twitter, the question should be how to use them and what is the best way to incorporate them into your strategic plan. And one of the most compelling reasons for joining in is that more companies are finding that it works.

“We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it.” Erik Qualman

What Does a Social Media Manager Do?

Depending on the service you select, it can range from tidying up your networks to monitoring your online reputation to participating with your visitors on your behalf according to pre-approved guidelines.

For instance, if you wanted to stay involved and in-control of your social networks but find that it is becoming too time consuming. A basic package, whereby a social media manager helps alleviates the junk, spam and distractions, would be a good fit for you so you can spend your time interacting with your fans.

A small business, like a dental practice or online personality, may benefit from more support. In this case, they may want help distributing content and monitoring their online presence as well as cleaning up their networks.

And for those, that want to be involved in social media but cannot commit the necessary time then content creation is available – just be sure to find the right social media manager to represent you.

Overall an experienced social media manager can quickly implement the right strategy to attract your target prospects. And by leveraging their marketing expertise, you’ll save time, money and headaches.

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    Darron Lesmerises

    Thanks for the info.

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    Fantastic article as always, I am seriously considering adding something along the lines of social media to my own site… so very timely post.

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