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How Google Works

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Have you ever wondered how Google finds your website and how it decides what search results to display? It’s a complex system rife with scientific analysis and billion-dollar algorithms, all to come up with the best results possible. Quick Sprout’s infographic does a great job of breaking down the functions of a search inquiry to make it easy to understand and digest.

How Google Finds Your Website

In summary, Google’s process is as follows:

  • “Spiders” crawl all over the web, digesting information and traveling through links.
  • Auto-completion and behavior predictability help Google know what information collected by the spiders you will be interested in.
  • It gives you plenty of options to choose from, partly so that it can learn better what exactly you were looking for (and therefore will be looking for in the future).
  • These results come up crazy-fast because of Google’s vast history of searches to pull from.
  • By offering other methods of search (voice, image, etc.), Google learns even more about what you want, as well as when and how you want it, and in what context.
  • Access to almost every online news source keeps the results as up to date (and even up to the second) as possible.
  • Now, Google knows what you want so well, based both on your past behaviors and the behaviors of all searchers, that it can sometimes tell you in the search results page without making you click away from Google.

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