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How to Get More Shares on Facebook

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Are you wondering how to get more shares on Facebook? And why is a share important?

A share is to Facebook what a retweet is to Twitter. So, it is all about how VIRAL you can get your fan page wall posts. Of course, you want plenty of activity like comments and likes on each post to help boost your post visibility in the news feed of your fans. But, the real art is to inspire your fans to say, “Wow, I just have to share this with my friends!”

And when you do, you’ll begin to notice a nice uptick in shares. Shares have more weight in the news feed. Basically, Facebook’s algorithms determine that the more people share a post and make it go viral, the more people want to see it. Makes sense.

Below is an infographic from Mari Smith showing 14 different ways you can get more shares.


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