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People Consume Content on Multiple Devices During the Same Day

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We’re living in a multiscreen world. Consumers now move between various screens throughout the day. They start on smartphones, advance to the PC and perhaps finish tasks on tablets. They watch TV and search on what they’re seeing. They go back to their smartphones the next day and the process continues.

While smartphones may have the shortest sessions, they are the most-used when it comes to on-boarding to a digital experience — or sequential device usage, as Google calls it. The research found that a majority of online tasks get initiated on a smartphone while being continued on another device — perhaps with a larger screen for easier use.

That effectively means that while your total content experience perhaps doesn’t need to be designed for a smartphone experience, at least the initial part of it should be, and that part should be integrated with how that content might be used on other devices — so, for example, watching a film first on a phone and then finishing it on a TV, or starting a shopping experience on a phone and finishing it on a PC.

It’s a world that’s increasingly complex for marketers to follow. And the PC promise of clear attribution almost totally breaks down in this new multiscreen environment.

Google and IPSOS are the latest to try and get a handle on the new, more elusive mobile consumer. In a piece of research released earlier this week, Google and IPSOS reported that 90 percent of consumers now move “sequentially” between different screens the same day. The study was conducted in the second quarter this year with just over 1,600 US adults.

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