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Importance of Google+ Local to Small Businesses

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If you’re wondering how the move from Google Places to Google+ Local will impact local small- and mid-sized businesses then the following videos will provide an excellent opportunity to see how Google envisions it working. Customers will be able to do everything from finding a local business to sharing it and reviewing it.

Google+ Local combines a social media site with a review site with a directory site making it extremely powerful. This video from Google helps demonstrate how customers will use your businesses Google+ Local page.

(Note: Even if you didn’t signup for Google+ Local or Google Places, Google has created a page for your business on their site and only 20% of businesses have “claimed” their site.)

And the increasing prominence of Google+ Local in search results on a desktop, mobile phone or in a maps search means that more people will be looking at reviews of your company and also writing reviews about your company.

Review your favorite places Love the food but hate the service? Know a dish you have to try? Google+ Local makes it easy to share your opinions and photos as expressively as you can in real life. – Google

Wondering how your reviews are incorporated into your Google+ Local page? Google’s purchase of Zagat is now fully integrated into your Google+ Local page as this video explains.

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If you have any questions about how these changes will affect your business, contact us and we’ll explain what the changes means to your business and help you develop strategies to benefit from them.

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